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We got as far as the Sexy toons parking lot when she told me she'd forgotten something and needed to go back to the room. Sexy toons Michelle took my hands, cupped them around her Sexy toons firm full breasts and told me, that if I waited here for her, I'd get the rest later. I could hardly wait! While Michelle walked away from me, I took the opportunity to rub Sexy toons myself through my jeans. My Sexy toons cock was aching for a damn good fucking, and I could tell from Michelle's tone, that she would keep her promise. Ten minutes passed before I thought about Sexy toons going back up to the room, so I headed up again, thinking that we'd already missed out on getting tickets to the movies. They were best friends in high school and remained close throughout college and beyond. They do almost everything together. Susannah is a little more on the wild side than Jeannie. J (my nickname for her) tends to be on the reserved side in the public eye. She does have her moments alone with me when she loses some of her inhibitions, though. One day, J came home after stopping by Susannah's house after work and said that Susannah had asked her to do a favor for her and wanted to know what I thought of it. It seems that Susannah's boyfriend had a birthday coming up, and she wanted to surprise him with some boudoirs photos of herself in somewhat compromising positions and wanted J to be her photographer. Yes this is the bdsm site to pick for Sexy toons!
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