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One day I was awoken at around noon by a car alarm in the alley right behind my bedroom window. I crawled out of bed, grumbling and cursing, totally Nasty cartoon naked, and stumbled out to the kitchen for a glass of water. Nasty cartoon On the way back to my bed, I passed through the living room, and happened to glance up to see . . . Erica watching Nasty cartoon me curiously from across the way. I was too groggy to be embarrassed at my own Nasty cartoon nudity. Erica saw that I had seen her. She wasn't embarrassed, either. In fact, she actually Nasty cartoon waved at me. Sheepishly, I waved back, then shuffled back into the bedroom, scratching my skinny white Nasty cartoon ass. A couple days later, I was down getting my mail when Erica approached me. She had the chance to experience one of her long time fantasies but was paying the price today. After breakfast we walked to the far end of the beach to "our spot." I love walking with Irina when she is topless. Her firm 36C tits have this little swaying, bouncing motion that fascinates me. We took a cooler of snacks and beer with plans to vegetate and do nothing all day. As soon as we got there Irina pulled a sun bed into the shade of a palm tree and went to sleep. Both of us looked good with our dark overall tans but Irina was looking amazingly beautiful. Her Scandinavian features seam to be enhanced by a good tan. Her long blond hair was almost white and the perfectly trimmed hair on her pussy was a transparent blond. Yes this is the toon site to pick for Nasty cartoon!
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