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We kissed deeply for several minutes. I wanted so badly to put my hand on her fabulous breasts and to feel for myself those hard points of flesh, but I wasn't THAT Naked toons bold. Eventually, Erica took my hand and forcibly placed it right on her breast. I stroked her Naked toons and kissed her hungrily. "Wait a minute," she said, pulling away slightly. "Sorry, but could we slow down a Naked toons little bit?" "Sure," I said. If this took all night, Naked toons I wouldn't mind. "Thanks," she said. We finished off the joint, not saying much. "So," Erica finally spoke. "I'm curious. What do white boys like? In a Naked toons girl, I mean. Do they like tits? Ass? What?" "Well," Naked toons I said, extinguishing the roach in an ashtray. I'm 38 and she is 36. We have a very fulfilling sex life. We have had sex about every possible way a couple could with each other. We aren't swingers or anything like that. But we have gotten into sex toys really heavilyover the last 6 years. We have ordered them thru the mail because we didn't have a store nearby to buy them from. So anyway, we planned to go Christmas shopping the first weekend in December and leave the dogs with our parents. We used this to get a chance to get our shopping done and get to spend some quality time with each other. Needless to say, we packed up our little sextoy box, a few clothes and off to the nearest major city we went. Yes this is the bdsm site to pick for Naked toons!
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