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So now that you have Hardcore toons an idea of me in your mind, try to imagine the truly erotic Hardcore toons feeling as I give a flash of panty, a peek at a bra, a tease of Hardcore toons lingerie. When I expose a breast, pop out a nipple, bare my ass, or even take it all off, my blood starts pumping as excitement washes over me. Ok, so recently I planned a trip to the Hardcore toons mall, and while I did need to get new sneakers while I was there, and maybe some Hardcore toons jewelry and a DVD, my main goal was to flash and tease some of the shoppers. After a hot shower, I dried and brushed my curly red hair until was full and bouncy, and then I began to Hardcore toons carefully select my outfit. Two hands were needed to be place, one above the other on the shaft, and there was still a mouthful extending out of sucking pleasure. Bob, said he was hoping I might come back and join him, and when I mumbled something incoherant while dropping to my knees in front of him, think he got the idea that our minds were on the same wave length. This guy stretched my jaw to points it had never been stretched before. But for 30 minutes I was able to savor, and appreciate his cock like no other since. To feel the knob filling your mouth to the max, and oh the desire to try and throat him (I didnt ofcourse was afraid I would rip out my vocal chords and everything else that is important there). Yes this is the toon site to pick for Hardcore toons!
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